Introducing Global Ambassador Program V2

Ruby Protocol
3 min readApr 28, 2023

Ruby V2 comes with V2 Ambassadors.

We are now bringing back our Global Ambassador program. Only V2 this time.

At Ruby, we have been developing solution after solution to tackle the challenges associated with privacy and access control. Your data and ability to control it will set the technological course for future generations and eventually determine how our societies will evolve.

Are you passionate about the true crypto spirit and Privacy-Preserving Technology, looking for a side hustle? And have what it takes to help Ruby Protocol grow. Please Apply now to become a Ruby Protocol Ambassador!

Just like you, we want to make Web3 privacy possible everywhere.

Connecting Global Leaders

For Ruby V2 Global Ambassador, we envision:

  1. 10–15 Global Ambassadors to cover different cultures. (specifically in Spanish, Asian, Arabic, and Indian-speaking countries.). Preferably, the candidates should be natives of the culture and language they are responsible for.
  2. In the case of overwhelming interest, additional candidates will replace the inactive members to create healthy competition and stimulus.
  3. We are about to stir the pot.

Already interested and ready to join us? Please follow the steps below to be considered as a valid candidate.

1 👉 Click Here to submit your info👈

2 Contact CryptSander, our community manager

3 Wait for the interview

4 Join us and start building for Web3 privacy

Global Ambassador Perks

Those that will be selected to join our Ambassador Program will get the following perks:

  • Each “Active” Ambassador will be rewarded at TGE with $200-$400 in Ruby tokens (per month). Final payment will be determined on performance and monthly activity grade.
  • We do not set a cap on Ambassador‘s monthly payment. The tradition is to encourage growth and reward it accordingly. We are not shy away from paying you extra if your work performance can justify it.
  • We will hire the best of the best after this as an official team member(s). Everyone won’t make it.
  • Exclusive access to our Telegram Channel.
  • Exclusive previews and early access to new information & testing opportunities

*Note that any compensation or payment isn’t guaranteed if you aren’t active and curate things that are low quality.

Global Ambassador Responsibilities

The Ruby team wants to build a ROWE — Results-Only Work Environment where Ruby Protocol Ambassadors are passionate, enthusiastic, and proactive members who can contribute to our brand uniquely.

However, the key actions should revolve around the following:

  • Education & Moderation: Creating high-quality and engaging content not limited to infographics/videos, writing blog posts, translations, and tutorials.
  • Engagement: Assisting with our presence in other Discord/Telegram channels, providing cross-brand exposure via social media, and getting other influencers on board. It also involves some outreach programs to invite the uninitiated to our server/channel/groups.
  • Growth: Interacting with Ruby’s official social channel posts consistently and liking and sharing all posted Ruby Content via Twitter and other social channels, actively engaging with comments.
  • Representing & Organizing: Representing your region in the community, Organizing meetups and AMAs & leading social events on behalf of Ruby Protocol.

About Us

Ruby Protocol is a programmable privacy & access control middleware framework encrypted with zero-knowledge proofs (zkp) algorithms.

Driven by abstract accounts, it builds an access control gateway across different entities and organizations in DeFi and Web3. The solutions and products include all kinds of private tokenization (zkToken, zkNFT, zkDID, etc), private payment bridge (zkConnect), authentication (zkAuth) and account/sub- account system (zkWallet), etc.


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Ruby Protocol

Building a programmable privacy & access control middleware framework encrypted with zero-knowledge proofs (zkp) algorithms.