Ruby Connect Now Expands to Arbitrum Network

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3 min readFeb 14, 2023


Fellow Rubies,

We are thrilled to announce that Ruby Connect is ready to expand to the Arbitrum network.

The Arbitrum network is a layer-2 functionality that seeks to solve the congestion that the Ethereum network has been experiencing by improving how smart contracts are validated. It has drawn praise for its fast transaction speeds, robust security, and dynamic applications that bring new solutions to the world of decentralized finance.

We at Ruby Protocol are dedicated to building a private data management framework for Web 3.0 that proposes and implements a privacy layer interacting with the multi-chain ecosystem. To bring this vision to fruition, we have published many in-depth articles on privacy, Web3, and cryptography, and recently, we announced the launch of Ruby Connect.

Ruby Connect showcases how our solutions can be executed and utilized in real-world environments to help expand data management needs. Users can now use Ruby Protocol to enforce access control and privacy across different blockchains.

And we want to bring this solution to to Arbitrum.

Why Ruby Connect on Arbitrum?

As the name indicates, one of the reasons Ruby Connect exists is to connect the world in a truly private, sovereign, and boundless manner. However, a good vision is not enough. It must be combined with great ventures.

It is not enough to stare up the steps; we must step up the stairs.

We must work with and learn from the market to realize our Web3 vision in this super-connected space. After all, no one standing still can triumph, especially in today’s technical landscape. We believe success is more than building a solid product. It now means doing outreach programs, connecting with different partners, and producing synergies.

Ruby Protocol is now expanding, this time to Arbitrum.

What Makes Arbitrum Unique?

Since forever, many have come forth to grapple with the scalability issue, trying to relieve the ETH mainnet from excessive transactions and congested networks. However, the Arbitrum network stands out for its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, which means that developers don’t have to learn a new coding language to build their dApps within the Arbitrum mainnet.

Meanwhile, Arbitrum One has reduced fees by allowing smart contracts to be validated in batches while simultaneously compensating validators for their effort.

Now Arbitrum One remains the market leader in terms of total value locked (TVL) with around $2.34 billion in collateral, giving it a 52.5% market share. However, with the Network Effect, the usage of Arbitrum and its network will likely witness continual growth.

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Ruby Protocol is a private data management framework for Web 3.0 that proposes and implements a privacy layer interacting with the multi-chain ecosystem. It is a fine-grained private data access-control gateway across different entities and organizations in the decentralized and traditional financial world.


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